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3 responses to “Michigan State storms back to beat Purdue”

  1. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    I wouldn’t bet against them either though lots of people had lost faith when they were so far behind. Rose Bowl?

  2. Beau Hayhoe

    Looking at their Rose Bowl hopes, that’s a rather difficult one to call. If MSU, OSU, and Wisconsin all win, there would be a three-way gridlock at the top of the Big 10. In that instance, the BCS rankings would break the tie, and at this point, OSU and Wisconsin are ahead of us, so they would receive better bowl positioning, and I think OSU would represent the Big 10 in the Rose Bowl. But, if OSU loses, our head-to-head win over Wisconsin breaks that tie, and I believe we would then go to the Rose Bowl. So….go Wolverines??

  3. David Sjolander

    I am very proud of the MSU football team! They will go all of the way, this year. Also, I notice that the “maize-and-blue” crowd is abnormally quiet! Heh-heh-heh!!
    Go State!!

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