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  • What it is really like out there
  • VIDEOS: She Laughs comedy fund-raiser celebrates 10th anniversary
  • MI NORML on the legislature’s failure to act
  • Lame duck bills bring protesters to the Capitol
  • VIDEO: Race matters in mid-Michigan
  • A victim speaks out on campus rape
  • An Open Letter of Love to Black Students
  • 11 reasons community policing died

Life & other problems

  • Life & Other Problems: Birthday
  • Life & Other Problems: Eight Times Ten
  • Life & Other Problems: Yesterday’s Kitchen 1934 – 1949
  • Life & Other Problems: Seasons
  • Life & Other Problems: Healing
  • Life & Other Problems: Amusement
  • Life & Other Problems: Snow Wars
  • Life & Other Problems: Christmas Past

My Michigan

  • Lansing Historical Society hosts author of book on state’s historical depots
  • MY MICHIGAN: Jimmy Hoffa was born 101 years ago today
  • My Michigan: When the snow reached the electrical wires
  • MY MICHIGAN: Time-lapse video of snowblowing the driveway
  • MY MICHIGAN: Satellite view of lake effect snow
  • MY MICHIGAN: Video of the blizzard of 1978
  • MY MICHIGAN: DIA ad from 1976 shows happier times
  • MY MICHIGAN: Brian d’Arcy James sings “Michigan Christmas”


  • Day 19: Poem-a-Day: Teakettle by Bonnie Jo Campbell
  • Day 18: Poem-a-Day: I Want To Be Once by M.L. Liebler
  • Day 17: Poem-a-Day: Amazing Mavis by Barbara Drake
  • Day 16: Poem-a-Day: The Lieutenant’s Story
  • Day 15: Poem-a-Day: Upper Peninsula Ephemera by Angela Wittrock
  • Day 14: Poem-a-Day: Insomnia by Jennifer Otto
  • Day 13: Poem-a-Day: The Brook Trout Diaries by Mark James Andrews
  • Day 12: Poem-a-Day:The Appointment by John Peter Beck

Stone Soup

  • Stone Soup: It’s raining bodies!
  • Stone Soup: Musical Chairs
  • Stone Soup: Listening – the best gift of all.
  • Stone Soup: It’s the microbes ya filthy animal!
  • Stone Soup: It’s All Downhill
  • Stone Soup: Saying farewell to a house
  • Stone Soup – What Mistakes Can Teach Us
  • Stone Soup: Goodbye ceremonies