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3 responses to “Westboro Baptist Church targets East Lansing High”

  1. Rev. Kit Carlson

    The session on Tuesday is the larger session intended for the entire community. Please plan to attend the TUESDAY session.

  2. Therese Dawe

    I may come to the meeting, but if CNN and all the other new organizations would quit feeding this monster it would stop promoting their agenda. It’s awful and it’s repugnant, but they live for all the attention they create also. I’d love it if NO ONE showed up to hear them, see them, or give them one ounce of air time, though I know this isn’t possible. Hate sells, hate makes the headlines. If nothing else I believe this can be a wonderful opportunity to have conversations,especially with our children, about the true nature of God, love and acceptance, and to promote a more safe environment for lesbian, gay and transgendered kids at E.L. High School, as well a the whole community. This protest will be ugly, but many good things will come of it I’m sure.

  3. Steve

    Wouldn’t it be cool if every student, teacher, counseler, janitor, lunch-lady, etc. were to call in sick Thursday, and the NutJobs were the only ones there to hear hate being spewed? Just a thought…….

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