Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

3 responses to “Too bad Governor Granholm caved on the “Meatout” – our food system is broken”

  1. Katie

    It’s so ridiculous that people think that going ONE day without meat is a) a major sacrifice, b) some crazy liberal PETA conspiracy, and/or c) Governer Granholm attempting to make vegetarianism a law or something. The “Stop Michigan Meatout” Facebook group is filled with people making ridiculous statements like that. They need a serious dose of Michael Pollan!

  2. Tina Sarkey

    When agribusiness lobbyists doth protest too much, it sounds like an admission of guilt to me. I am sick of that “subsersive animal rights activist” crap…it is a lame excuse. All voices need to be welcome at the table, especially the food table.

    Keep shining the light into the darkest of places, sister.

  3. Holly Sauve'

    I think a lot of people are just not aware of what “Big Farm” is. I’ve always thought I ate relatively healthy and went veg about 6 years ago……..but then I watched the documentary “Food, Inc.” about 6 months ago. It shed a whole new light on everything I ever thought I knew about where our food came from. It affected me so much, I purchased the video to force (and yes, I had to force them) my family and loved ones into watching it. To make them AWARE of what they are truly eating and where that food came from……and how lacking and poor quality it is. I haven’t tilled my garden area yet but I am sprouting right now and am very excited about it!

    Thank you Bonnie for your great articles and insight. I guess if you are the crazy aunt in the attic, I’m the crazy cat/dog lady at the end of the street everyone is afraid of. LOLLLLL

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