Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

5 responses to “Stay or Go? Lansing risks a brain drain of young people”

  1. Bill Castanier

    Hi Bonnie
    I got this link to a blog by a Grand Rapids native who left us for the greener pastures or at least a lakeside view of Chicago.

    Read it here:

  2. Bill Castanier

    Here’s a “local comment” that was in the Freep yesterday from one who stayed.

    Kate Ross of Ann Arbor says “I believe in renaisance” Read it here:

  3. Diana

    Hey, I am between 21 and 65. And I’m here to stay. As a matter of fact, I just got here. I moved from the #2 state with the highest rate of unemployment to the #1 state with the highest rate of unemployment.

  4. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    Glad to have you here. Welcome to the community.

  5. Fredrik Urshgur

    While this table may show “Cynthia has a point,” it only does so if the numbers are taken out of context. Each of the states with higher wages than Michigan has considerably higher costs of living than Michigan, with the possible exception of Colorado. About $1.30 an hour median higher pay in California? Wow, that outta cover the cost of the sunblock needed to live there (no sunblock costs in Michigan!). After that, good luck on the higher rents, food, utilities and water costs. This table actually disproves Cynthia’s point and makes one wonder if things might be better here than we think. Of course, as the full effects of union busting come home to roost over the next few years, these numbers will in fact go down and prove her point. But let’s not cook the books ahead of time, Cassandra, when the books’ll cook our goose good soon enuff.

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