6 responses to “Progress Michigan: Is the Tea Party for real?”

  1. Howard White

    Well, the points presented were valid. Of course there’s this to consider — Mark Steffek of Reese, Michigan (front man of the Tea Party party petition drive in this state) hasn’t yet revealed the political agenda to be pursued by the proposed Tea Party party. Leftists? Rightists? Centrists? Constitutionalists? Though it is not a requirement to do so in order to establish a party, why not disclose the agenda? Even if the drive to establish is nefariously rooted — perhaps a strategy to divert votes away from Republicans come November — at least reveal the ideology! Present a selling point! Are we to assume that because it calls itself Tea Party there’s a requisite philosophy attached? Are there 38,000 naive registered voters in this state? “Duh, I’ll sign the petition, and I don’t care what the political agenda is!” Give me a break! I am actively trying to hash this out, as it presents an intriguing situation…one I personally wouldn’t mind seeing play itself out!

  2. ken lunceford

    here are the details about the tea party ballots
    mark edward steffek 9530 saginaw st reese mi 269-377-4758


  3. Nigel Patel

    I want to sign this petition immediately. And then I want to canvass it and get my friends to canvass it.

  4. buy tea online

    people should have real tea parties like in england

  5. Chris 1776

    the real Tea Party is not “shilling” for the Republicans. The real Tea Party is kicking them in the rear end. And the real Tea Party (this other thing is the Kool-Aid Party) is attracting the independent voters, fiscally responsible democrats, and independents, who realized they were duped by slick rhetoric of “change”, while getting a new party of “NO”.
    The change was – No – we will do what we want.. no transparency, no compromise with others, no American values (befriend terrorists, cut and run from war, spend our children s future pay check, refer to honest Americas who protest as racists, no experienced judges for the Supreme court, ) No congressional oversight of Fannie / Freddie, no hearings for czars that circumvent congressional oversight and install radicals, no truth in history (the housing mortgage debacle – see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd etc – took down this economy. And massive bail-outs for fat-cats, failing auto, and insurance companies paid the people they railed about (their friends)! All the while establishing policies that slowed investment, and killed jobs – while they spent like drunken sailors – and used the Jedi-mind trick on the public – “It will be fine, unemployment will never go above 8%”!
    They are a party of NO, no, no..

  6. Chris 1776

    Legitimate? Hah!
    The real Tea Party is grass-roots / real people interested in Constitutional, truthful government, and voting out the poor congressman of both parties that got us into this mess.
    Hey David, are you buddies with any one in this “Kool-Aid” party? Sounds like.. You a Sal Alinsky fan?
    The Kool-Aid Party (so called “Tea Party” political party), purchased the petition signatures by deceiving good citizens at malls, and real Tea Party rallys, that the real Tea Party endorsed the move.. So let’s start the Kool-Aid Party with deception and secrecy – that is really “legitimate”. Oh yeah, … no contact with anyone in the real Tea Party.. then, or now, and the candidate list appeared like a bunch of mushrooms pop out of soggy soil.. poof! 23 candidates – ready to split the conservative vote.. Nice.. and dirty.. just like mushrooms and lethal Kool-aid..
    So who is more legitimate? grass-roots citizens open and honest.. Let’s see the Kool-aid Party’s list of donors. Who put up the $100,000 to buy signatures? Who?
    Then we will have a fair playing field.

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