Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

9 responses to “Our Republican hate speech problem: Can good speech win out?”

  1. Fredrik Urshgur

    This Republican/Tea Bagger-stoked anger has already begun to bear its poisoned fruit in everyday life. I’ve heard from a number of friends in the Detroit area that they’ve been flipped off, raged at, or run off the road for the simple fact of sporting a pro-Obama sticker on their bumper.

    Another false equivalence to consider: Republicans were steamed for 8 years about being reminded that Bush got less votes than Gore in 2000, thus was not the head of a “legitimate” government.So now they rant that the Obama Administration is not “legitimate.” This was seen clearly in their coordinated attacks on the health care bill as “being jammed down the throats of Americans despite their overwhelming opposition.”

    Apparently they forgot that they argued the very seating of Bush/Cheney in 2000 made them legitimate, thus free to impose their tax cuts for the rich as well as their costly wars managed into disastrous failures. They also forgot how to count and forgot how democracy works, as Obama and the Dem Congress won with larger majorities than EVER held by Republicans under Bush/Chaney (biggest B/C margin: 2004, with 3% Presidential margin, and 25 votes in the House).

    They have also forgotten their cherished patriotism of the Bush/Cheney years, when they argued that any opposition to federal policies was anti-US, as if protesters were rooting for the US to fail. Well, guess who’s rooting for US failure now? The big difference is that major media report and publish arguments about Obama’s “illegitimacy” in their bullshit pretense of “objectively presenting both sides,” while they pretty much stopped reporting on the Bush illegitimacy as soon as the Supreme Court instilled him in their preposterous palace coup (and after Sept. 11, 2001, fughettaboutit).

    And about those eight years of Bush/Cheney doubling the federal debt, also leaving the country with trillions of open-ended rising debt to pay for their failed wars and the Big Swindle known as the Wall St. bailout. Gee, where were the debt-obsessed Tea Baggers then? The political spectacle has spiralled so far away from any meaningful version of “reality” it’s breathtaking. By the way, this goes for both sides, though the level of absurdity created by the right wing types really is a new high (low?).

    P.S. Ya gotta admire this fukwit Bart Stupak – he has succeeded in making EVERYONE hate him. Very impressive…

  2. Natasha

    “…the undernourished Ms. Coulter recently told a Muslim student in Ontario that airlines should use racial profiling to keep Arabs from flying and that Muslims should take flying carpets instead.”

    Wow — talk about your absolute lack of journalistic integrity! But that’s to be expected from today’s MSM, which is why “mainstream” journalism is dying. Coulter did NOT say that to a Muslim student in Ontario recently. In fact, she didn’t say that at all to anyone, but good on reproducing out-of-context and completely inaccurate paraphrasing of what Coulter actually said and when. You can’t even trouble yourself to get your information correct.

    Her “flying carpet” remark was made several years ago in response to the airline boycott by the flying imams. Here is what was said: “If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether.” She also sad Muslims could use “flying carpets” to travel instead.

    Here is the video of the exchange with the “poor little” Muslim student baiting Coulter with a joke of a question:

    As it turns out this sweet little Muslim girl who was “stabbed in the heart” by Coulter is a (now former) member of the Israel hate group on Facebook known as “It’s Called Palestine, not Israel!!!” — a group bent on the extermination of Israel. I say “former” member because as soon as she was found out and exposed for being the hater that she is, she deleted her membership. But the evidence is still there (as seen in the video and here:

    But, go ahead, keep spreading your lies. You’re only fooling your fellow koolaid drinkers.

    BTW, do you always refer to slender people with the adjective “undernourished”, or only the ones you despise? By the same token, do you then refer to overweight people by the adjective “gluttonous”?

  3. Montana

    The Republicans need to get right with God! First the Republicans wanted to give Obama his Waterloo defeat over healthcare but instead they gave themselves their own Waterloo defeat by not participating in the debate of ideas and by becoming the party of obstructionist. Waterloo defeat refers of course to the defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon’s rule as Emperor of the French and was the culminating battle of the Waterloo Campaign and Napoleon’s last. Republicans get right with God or get ready for future losses and Rush Limbaugh I real hope you enjoy your new home Costa Rica!

    Answer to your question is no, its in their nature, just like it was for republican Senator Larry Craig (ID) and republican Senator Roy Ashburn (CA) to act out their nature.

  4. Alberto Enriquez

    Montana, Costa Rica wouldn’t be right for Rush. You see that tiny buy wise country long since decided to guarantee health care AND education for its young people until age 25. That’s vocational school or university, whichever you qualify in. Oh, and after that age, there’s a health insurance mandate for adults. Some may call ’em a “banana republic” but they manage to do better by their people. Go figure!

  5. Johnny Capp

    If you think that’s hate speech you’re a total marshmellow. Typical leftist crap.

    Divide the classes
    Pull financial numbers out of your rear and present them as fact
    Portray all conservatives as unintelligent
    Portray all conservatives as racist
    Portray all conservatives as “hateful” (whatever that means)
    Avoid debate
    Change the subject
    Portray mainstream christians as radicals
    Portray business as “greedy”
    Blah, blah, blah

  6. A Honest Republican

    Well madame, I have to say, you yourself are going on a streak of free speech yourself here vindicating the opposite side. I am a republican, and just by my saying this I’m sure your labeling me as a moron and a radical. Let me tell you something, umbrella terms are wrong and you are just some prejudiced prick about this. Excuse my language but your article insults many who don’t quite deserve it with your umbrella speech. I do agree with you that there are those who call themselves Republicans or “rightwing” people that go radical and slander others on what they see as the left, however, that doesnt mean the opposite is true. Don’t come off all high and mighty saying its just the right doing this, its the left too. Look back when Bush was in office for an example. I know you probably really think Im an idiot for using Bush as an example, but seriously, if you think like this you need to start thinking that maybe for once you may be wrong. You need to stop making your arguments solely on just your beliefs, and be more considerate of people in general, not just specific groups. On the whole, people like you are the US’s problem, and unless everyone can just get past this, then we are doomed to have a nation of morons. Good day.

  7. James Bradley

    There are two things that it seems like a waste of time to argue about because you can not win, thats politics and religon. A dummy crat thinks he is always right and the Republican is always wrong.

  8. Tyrone

    Sarah Palin is a pure idiot and a quitter! But she knows like many white Republicans that many white voters HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! They will drink the koolaid! And don’t investigate past the information that racist and or stupid people feed them! The shameful result is white Republican have given the country. Richard Nixon ( a crook) resign in disgrace….Ronald Reagan suffer from Alzheimer and was a do nothing President that just wave and grin! Bush (1)..(a liar) no new taxes then raise taxes! Then the worst Republican President and the worst President of all times. President G.W. Bush! This idiot started a war in Iraq for NOTHING after finding out there where no WOMD ( Weapon of Mass Destruction)! Causing American troop death of over 4,300 plus for NOTHING! Then he started another war and didn’t pay for it (Afghan War)! The idiot took a surplus and turn it into debt! He also made so many country hate American under Bush 9/11 happen because his administration took their eyes off security! The Bush tax cuts for the rich did NOTHING for the country but bring the country DOWN! President Obama needs to vote that mess away! Unemployment TODAY is a direct result of Republican control and the dumbest President in America’s history! G.W. Bush and D. Cheney are the worst thing to happen to America. Sarah Palin would be worst! This is a proven idiot just like BUSH/CHENEY!! Republicans today are the party of the rich and the un American! Republican are voting NO NO NO against America recovery and President Obama! They could careless about Americans or America they care about power and the rich! Sarah Palin has the nerve to criticizing President Obama when she quit her job and fail to make it to the White House THANK GOD!

  9. Jon Snow

    Some hate speech from Bob Anderson of Freeland, MI, calling children retarded. He is trying to get into politics and should probably be stopped. I think he is trying to work for Ken Horn while he runs for Senator Roger Kahns seat in 2014.

    He also has a picture of himself in black face.

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