MSU is no UCLA (it’s not even Saginaw Valley)

Don't you love the smell of tear gas in the morning? Ah, memories

Don't you love the smell of tear gas in the morning? Ah, memories

Students at UCLA came close to rioting last week when university officials announced a 32% tuition hike. Hundreds of students stormed the campus and 30 barricaded themselves in Campbell Hall. Up against the wall. The Sixties are back!

So how much are those oppressed UCLA students being asked to pay? For the first time, tuition would reach five digits – with all the fees added in, the total would reach a staggering $11,300 a semester.

The outrage! As a comparison, let’s see what Michigan State University students are being asked to pay:

Michigan State University
In-State Freshmen
Tuition and fees (15 credits/semester): $11,434

Come again? MSU students are already paying slightly more than the students at UCLA?

Do you remember the riots when those increases went through? Me neither.

As President Obama says, if you want political change, make me. In other words, take to the streets like the Tea Partyers to push your agenda.

But maybe the activist MSU students are too exhausted to take on another cause, after rallying in support of Governor Jennifer Granholm as she tours state colleges and unversities trying to save the Michigan Promise scholarships.

The with its 9,543 students) showing their support for Governor Granholm’s fight to restore the funding. You can only imagine the turnout at MSU, with its 45,520 students. Ooops – the Detroit Free Press estimates there were 200 Spartans at Granholm’s rally last Wednesday. The MSU campus newspaper The State News apparently didn’t bother to send a photographer, let alone a videographer.

Instead of rallying students to demand the state fulfill its Promise, the State News instead ran a guest editorial by the vice chair of the MSU College Republicans blaming the cuts in the Promise scholarships on the Dems. Huh? Too many nights back home next to Dad on the couch watching Bill O’Reilly?

At a time when MSU President Lou Ann Simon is dismantling programs that many see as vital to the university’s future, perhaps it is time to question the quality of the education that Michigan State students receive. Do they even know how to spell apathy and indifference? Have they ever been told about the concept that you get the government you deserve?

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Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism and experiments with citizen journalism, including co-publishing Lansing Online News with Bill Castanier. They also co-host a radio show Mondays at 7 p.m. on LCC Radio - WLNZ - 89.7.

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  1. Alex

    But how many students actually read the editorial on their way to the daily sudoku? I’m guessing not many. As for the apathy, it might be due to the “frog being boiled slowly” scenario (and not in the moronic Glenn Beck sense); I forget how much I actually paid total when I started at State back in 2002, but they increased tuition a good 5-10% a year every year I was there. Perhaps if there was going to be a 32% hike at MSU students would protest, but the board does a good job making sure costs merely molest wallets, not outright rape them at one time… eventually they tear apart the pocketbook, but as long as it’s not all at once, it’s ok… yeah, there’s the ticket

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