Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism and experiments with citizen journalism, including co-publishing Lansing Online News with Bill Castanier. They also co-host a radio show Mondays at 7 p.m. on LCC Radio - WLNZ - 89.7.

3 responses to “Can we undo the damage? Michigan makes recall and repeal tough”

  1. Tom Hunter

    Thank you for this, Bonnie. Is there a To Do list for recall that we can follow?

  2. David Folkertsma

    YES! Let’s recall the bastards who have sold out to the special interests, irregardless of party but especially the Republicans AND…let’s NOT go through this again. Let’s MAKE SURE that NEXT TIME, we have CANDIDATES who WILL serve the RESIDENTS of Michigan. NOT the special interests such as the Macinac Center, Whirlpool, Dow, etc. Without GOOD candidates of itegrity, it will simply remain an endless cycle of ‘THE WORST GOVERNMENT $$$ CAN BUY’.

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