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2 responses to ““Buck up” say Obama and Biden – let’s make that an “F””

  1. Candice Wilmore

    “I am beginning to think that there is a cabal of conservative elders who meet with each in-coming president the night of the inauguration.”

    I think in some way/shape/form this scenario is a given. Obama, despite all the things I like about him, is a politician. You just don’t get into that big house without the deals and the “understandings”, in my view.

  2. ken vogel

    This country isnt committed to the type of change we really need to subscribe to.Were used to being spoon fed everything,even our politics.You cant fix all the screw ups in one year that took eight to multiply.The right is just pushing this to thier constituents,or cronies or anyone that thinks they have the answer. BUT THEY DONT!They always talk about tax and spend, but it is really them that are porking up these bills that cant get passed.Like bridges to nowhere.etc. etc. etc.

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