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2 responses to “Mayor Virg Bernero to make run for Governor”

  1. Chris Singer

    Are his Monday appearances on our dime or did he take a personal day???

  2. Stuart Rinck

    Virg Bernero is running for Governor. My family has 1st hand experience with his lack of integrity. Please, we cannot have a man such as Virg Bernero as our governor.
    Please, take a minute to look at our story here.
    On October 31, 2005 Virg Bernero made an illegal u-turn and totaled my wifes car. He made his apologies and promised to pay my wife Lynn $1,800 to cover part of the damage to her car. He said he was “short” and gave her $1000, promising to pay the rest soon after. Well, after numerous attempts on our part (phone calls, letters, Lynn was even on local talk radio being interviewed about this situation!) to resolve the matter we have all but given up on getting what was promised to us. Again, please take a moment to look at the documentation we have here, this is not a vendetta, it is my way of letting the voters of Michigan know that this guy is dishonest, does not keep his word and really couldn’t give a hoot about the working man or woman. Facebook page: “Virg Bernero is a big fat liar”.

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