LANSING CITY COUNCIL: Will Mayor Virg Bernero give Council-member Carol Wood a hug?

westhorp-fileHow much class does Lansing’s Mayor Virg Bernero have as a pretty decisive victor over his opponent City Council-member Carol Wood?

If Bernero is at tonight’s City Council meeting, he will have a chance to start mending fences with Wood after a pretty bruising campaign for the top job in the city.  The mayor went on a full scale offensive against the long-time city council member that many have described as harsh, nasty and mean-spirited.

Any predictions on how Bernero will react to Wood?  Will he acknowledge her and her contributions to the city?  Will he give her a hug?  Does he have too much pride to let Wood and the voters know that he wants to work together with her and her supporters?  Right now the city is polarized between his camp and her camp and they need to be brought together.

What’s important on tonight’s city council agenda?

How many of you watch the weekly Lansing City Council meetings?  Do you find them informative?  How?  Why do you watch?  Some have told me they watch the public comment section where some of the “regulars” explode and implode while city council members watch with blank stares and don’t respond.

What on tonight’s agenda that deserves special attention?  Can you share any background?  Here’s the agenda:

2009 11 09.agenda

Dr. Phil and the homeless in Lansing

Okay, I am a regular watcher of Dr. Phil on Lansing’s WLNS TV6 at 4 p.m.  Do you ever watch his show.  He covers a lot of relevant topics and he has a blog which he says he posts to himself.

A recent post, he wrote on a homeless woman caught my attention.   He confronted a dilemma that many of us face when we confront somebody who is homeless.  I invite you to read it and I also ask for your thoughts about homeless people in Lansing.

What do you know about the homeless in Lansing?  Do you know anybody who lives on the street?  Do you ever talk to them?  How prevalent is homelessness in our area?  What’s being done about it?

What Lansing churches are a point of light?

My wife and I hold going to church as a mutual value.  We are believers in Jesus Christ and we have been looking at churches in the city.  Does anybody have suggestions?  What qualities do you find important in a church?

I’ve been toying with the idea of chronicling  our visits to different churches in this blog space.

Who gives the strongest sermons in the Lansing area?  What do you look for in a sermon?

There are other faiths in the Lansing area and I don’t mean to exclude them.  I’d love to hear comments for anybody interesting in sharing.  That might be valuable for others.

I’m looking forward to your comments and your conversation.

There’s a lot of stuff to talk about in our city and in our area.

Wes Thorp, an experienced blogger, blog coach and student of social media, is a former newspaper reporter and a retired staffer from the Michigan Legislature. He has served as the manager of the State Capitol press corps from the 1970s to the 90s where he was a conduit between the news media and the legislature, the executive branch and interest groups. He also worked for newspapers in Illinois and Michigan after graduating from the Michigan State University School of Journalism where he was a part-time adjunct instructor teaching basic newswriting.

4 responses to “LANSING CITY COUNCIL: Will Mayor Virg Bernero give Council-member Carol Wood a hug?”

  1. Chris Singer

    All of this is assuming that the mayor will attend this evening. He hasn’t attended a meeting in months.

  2. Chris Singer

    Important on tonight’s agenda: City Finance Director Jerry Ambrose will be taking about the city’s plan to address a $3 million shortfall.

  3. Chris Singer

    Oh yeah, I think he was actually. My apologies. It was the night before election so I guess that’s good campaign strategy.

    It will be interesting to see the city’s plan for the shortfall. The timing is interesting. Right after the election of course. I’m sure this has been known for a while.

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