VIDEO: Baby Bree comes home!

baby-bree-cropped-2Baby Bree is now literally back in mother Maria’s arms.

On Friday, Oct. 25, Ingham County Family Court Judge Richard J. Garcia agreed to return Steve and Maria Green’s infant daughter to them, as part of an agreement hammered out with the family’s attorney Joshua Covert. If all goes well, the entire matter will be discharged within a month.

The Greens said they believed that Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act would protect them. Steve has life-threatening seizures. Maria has MS. Both discovered they were helped by medical marijuana, so Maria became a grower and caregiver.

Their initial problems began when the couple found themselves facing felony drug manufacturing charges in Oakland County. Then a child custody hearing in Ingham County ended up with their daughter taken away. The good news for the family is that Judge Leo Bowman in Oakland County dismissed the felony charges, and now Judge Garcia has returned their baby to them.

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One response to “VIDEO: Baby Bree comes home!”

  1. Victor Vicious

    I want everyone to know it was Bonnie’s efforts that brought this case into the public view. Her video’s on U-tube, starting with the Hearing before the failed committees to add illnesses to the list of disease your Doctor can recommend Marihuana as a treatment for, That was on January 25th I think. She interviewed the Greens on the radio, WLNZ 89.7 I think and the Okemos 7
    In June she attended the first meeting of the Michigan Chapter Of The Human Solutiion, again did multiple video’s, and posted those on U-tube. Attorney Joshua Covert’s Mother in Law (Thank you ) saw the video and told Joshua about it, he was just waiting for the call to come in.
    What was the most ‘telling’ thing to me was what happened when Bonnie arrived at the Nichols Law Form Office, everyone from the media that was there stopped to say hi, and made room for Bonnie, front and center. Yep, they know too. VV