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8 responses to “The Snyder folks – rich and well dressed (and you should be, too)”

  1. Ari Adler


    After all the years we have known each other, I am quite surprised by your personal attack on me when I was trying to do something nice for the press corps. The Rules of the House clearly state that those conducting business there are to be dressed in business attire. I support this rule because I believe having representatives and staff on the floor who are professionally dressed will help lead to a higher level of decorum.

    I knew, however, that reporters often spend their time doing things other than covering House business. And, as suspected, several made comments toward that effect. Therefore, I took the time to ensure that their level of dress would not be held to as a high a standard as representatives and staff.

    For the record, the picture of me that you published without appropriately attributing the photo rights was taken while I was at work for another employer. That employer’s dress code was business casual. I’m not sure how I dressed at another time for another employer with a different dress code is relevant to this discussion, other than it was yet one more way to continue the personal nature of your assault.

    I also take affront to your insinuation that I am not providing the media with the information they need to do their jobs. I believe the dozens of reporters I have spoken to and helped on deadline, on the record and off the record in just the past two weeks would disagree with you.

    By the way, if the press corps does not appreciate my taking the time to ensure they could dress more comfortably, I would be happy to eliminate the exemption and require business attire for access to the House floor. I would recommend, however, that you confer with your colleagues who know me and for whom there exists mutual respect before you attempt to again speak on their behalf.



  2. Suzanne Shields

    holy crap!!!!! who gives a flying fring about any of this?

    I have had jobs which dictated to an extreme (IBM) what you could/could not wear and other jobs where I could wear just about anything. These days I believe we should go old school. Men in tennis shoes, shit tails hanging out and wrinkles everywhere – women with their “goods” hanging out and skirts barely covering their you know what are inappropriate – what is wrong with having a professional appearance?

    But what astounds me is that people don’t have the self respect or common sense to dress appropriately –

  3. Billie

    Great job Bonnie-you caught them with their pants’ down. Next they will ban green bowties. I recall once going to the GM headquarters in Detroit and having to borrow a jacket and tie from the “management”. We all know what that got them.

  4. Robin Miner-Swartz


    Content of this post aside, I have a hard time seeeing your selection of your photo of Ari as anything other than a low blow.

  5. Sara Metz

    I’m going to have to back up Ari here. The photo is too much, and this attack is a stretch. Ari was trying to accommodate the press and as far as sequins and spandex go, I can attest to witnessing a female reporter dressed in such a way that embarrassed the members and the staff on a regular basis. Business casual is not too much to ask in the least, and I don’t see why this is a big deal, let alone a story.

  6. Sara Metz

    To add context to my original comment, I worked with the press for the Senate Democrats for two years and also know Ari personally.

  7. Calvin A. Smith

    Just what I thought it would come down to. Petty pandering to the most pernicious party. Why isn’t Snyder off to that running start he promised? Wisconsin and Minnesota’s new governors are already at work lowering the property taxes of their states, and getting their state machines running again. Why is Michigan stalling out on dressing down the press corp? Grow up and do your jobs, and dress appropriately. Nuff said.