Melissa Kim

4 responses to “The history of LGBTQIA bars in Lansing & The Chrome Cat fundraiser”

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    […] missed so much while in Belgium: dynamic and welcoming to all walks of life. As Chrome Cat manager Melissa “Inky” Kim puts it, I have worked in other gay bars, frequented many other bars, and if there is one thing to […]

  2. Drexel Dawson


    I was the DJ at Bonnie & Clyde’s from 1976 to 1978. I WAS THE Doctor of Disco filling your dance prescriptions. Just wanted to say hello from Phx, AZ where I moved to in ’78
    I am Bi and enjoyed this blog from a very fun era.


  3. scott sproat

    i grew up in michigan-about 30 miles north of Lansing. went to Trammps & Joe Covelos in the mid to late 70’s. the good old days in downtown Lansing. i was sad and disapointed when these bars closed for a stupid city baseball team. dont tell anyone-i cruised the MSU student union bldg too. 🙂

  4. Lou Beador

    Trammpps…. what can i say! OMG. i LOVED That place! Dance floor where the Music Pierced your Body… To me, one of the best Gay Disco’s EVER! Spent many a long drive home to Saginaw, after sweating up a storm on that Dance Floor. Trammpps will always be some of the Greatest Memories in my Life! Donna Summer, Hot Stuff, Suzi Lane, Harmony, France Joli……………………….. i could go on and on. Im still DJing myself at 53 years of age. When I die, i wanna be buried with a Disco Ball!!!! LOL

    Lou Beador
    Orlando, Florida