Renegade Theatre hosts Sandra Seaton’s ‘Estate Sale’

The Renegade Theatre Festival is hosting a free reading of Sandra Seaton’s play ‘Estate Sale’ on Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20 at 7 p.m. at the Absolute Gallery in Old Town.

Synopsis: A racially mixed couple (Fred and Sheila) whose political views are also mixed (she’s an ultra-liberal, he’s a right-winger), a scheming contractor (Vlad), a battle-ready, over-sexed estate sale dealer (Roxie) and assorted workmen and customers come together to create that blend of agony and ecstasy known as an “estate sale.” A new play by Sandra Seaton, whose recent plays include Music History, The Will, and A Bed Made In Heaven. Seaton was writer in residence at Michigan State University’s Law School last year.

DIRECTOR: Barton Bund

STAGE MANAGER: Janet Anderson

Danielle Mitchell
Keith Williams
Dana Brazil
Jeff Croff
Janet Anderson
Bob Purosky

Length: 60 minutes

Audience:Adult (Contains Some Mature Language and Themes)

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