Bonnie Bucqueroux

Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

3 responses to “Lansing Lists: Five great local blogs”

  1. Sarah Zarka

    Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words about my Wild Birds Unlimited blog. We own two Wild Birds Unlimited shops in mid-Michigan and I am asked dozens of questions everyday about birds and wildlife. The blog was my way to answer a few of the most common questions and talk about a few of my observations.

    I consider myself a beginning blogger and appreciate all comments and feedback.


    Hey …..if you want to go to my bog go here or … can be a little boring, ya’knwo?

  3. Lansing House Cleaning

    These are 5 great local Lansing, Michigan blogs. I have actually known about a couple of these for a while, yes even yours BIGGBYBOB. A couple I have never heard of, but visited while reading this article and at least one I found very interesting which I plan to get back to after leaving this comment. I did feel like there were a few great Lansing area blogs that you left out. I’m not sure if you did this for a reason or if you weren’t aware of them, or it’s just too hard to choose which local Lansing blogs to include in a list with only 5 entries. I am the owner of a local Lansing area house cleaning service, Villa Clean. We do maintain a small blog on our website, but nothing as nice as these here. We do try to provide our clients and reader with helpful household health and cleaning tips and information because being a local business, it’s about more than just getting our brand out there, it’s about providing a real value for all members of our community. Even if we can help someone with tips on how to reduce allergy symptoms in their own home by pointing out little hidden spots that allergens like to hide, we feel it has been worth our time to write the article and share it with Mid-Michigan.