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4 responses to “It’s buyer beware with pet ads on Craigslist”

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    […] activist Melissa Quon Huber contribute when they can. Todd, for example, wrote a piece for us about buying animals from Craigslist, an article that we appreciate but that wouldn’t fit with Michigan Messenger’s […]

  2. Justin Howard


    I really like your article. However, I take issue with your anger toward people who get kittens from Craigslist. Obviously, I feel somewhat defensive because that is how I got my kitten. Had I not gotten her, isn’t it possible she may have ended up at a shelter? I had her spayed at 5 mos. and treat her with advantage, feed her Felidae grain free food and give her lots of love.
    Admittedly, I didn’t know much about shelter situations at the time. Also I spent a great deal of money, more than I would have had I adopted at a shelter, on shots and spaying. Next time, I will adopt at a shelter. But there are good people out there who adopt off craigslist, and they save lives too. they get the animal before it gets to you.

  3. Todd Heywood

    Justin, You are a rarity when it comes to Craigslist adoptions, and cats for that matter. Sadly, many– too many– people think that adopting a kitten means there is no need for costly vet visits, spaying/neutering or vaccination. As a result, cats are often treated as throw away pets. Just take a wander through my east side Lansing neighborhood. It is filled with stray and feral cats that started as throw aways. As a result we have a major Leukemia and FIV outbreak in the area, and many of us are exposed daily to zoonotic infections because these cats are so sick. Thank you for being a responsible cat owner, but understand you are the exception, sadly, not the rule.

  4. Yurda

    Hey Todd ~

    Great article!

    We just published an article about the Craigslist issue.
    and we also created a petition yesterday. We would need your support in raising awareness and spreading the word about our efforts. Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you,