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2 responses to “YOU VOTE: How would you rate websites for Lansing mayoral candidates?”

  1. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    As someone who often designs websites, the first thing I would tell Carol to do is STOP THE MUSIC. People often surf at work or in class — there’s nothing worse than getting caught because someone puts music on their site that plays when you land there. Big-o mistake-o. But I am delighted to see Carol’s YouTube video – nice touch. Wes, you are absolutely right, however, that neither uses the home page to lay out a clear vision – or to engage us. How about a poll? a place to leave comments? a forum on city issues? a survey where results are reported later?

    The web is a great place for the community to tell the candidates what they think – not just vice versa.

  2. Bill Castanier

    You know it. The first place anyone looks is on the web and neither candidate tells their story with their current website content. Also neither of the sites are cutting edge and I agree any site which opens with music I close immediately after a short session of swearing. Carol’s website also has problems loading on a somewhat slower connection. Could it be the music and the inbed? Virg’s site is cleaner and easier to navigate. Neither site tells a younger voter why they should vote for them and I don’t recall an RSS feed for updates on either site.

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