Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism and experiments with citizen journalism, including co-publishing Lansing Online News with Bill Castanier. They also co-host a radio show Mondays at 7 p.m. on LCC Radio - WLNZ - 89.7.

2 responses to “Women’s History Month: Of Mad Men, mad women and misogyny”

  1. rhoda

    Great article, Bonnie! Sign me up for the newsletter. I will repost this article, and then go burn my spanx (or better yet, cut them up and use them to hold up my peony’s)

  2. Therese Dawe

    Wow. This is one hell of an article that should be appearing in Op Ed places all over the country. I just told someone today that I watched one episode of Mad Men and could never watch it again. I lived through that time and I don’t want to re-live it. The example of Rush Limbaugh is the bell weather for where we are right now in this country and it’s sad. That a powerful man can call a young woman testifying before Congress a slut and ask to see a video of her having sex, and still maintain his job and following is too sad for words. We have to continue to speak up and refuse to accept the norm. And thank you for sharing with such vulnerability about Kim. It is poisonous indeed to see the thousands of negative images our young women receive in a given week. The message is always: You aren’t good enough. I would love to give every young woman a copy of the book “Women Who Run with Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. There is wisdom there that is timeless.
    What a powerful piece of writing you have here Bonnie. Thank you.

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