2 responses to “VIDEO: BWL’s Lark on when mayor and board knew he was in NYC”

  1. JoAnn Forsberg

    This brings back such childhood memories for me. My dad (in his 20’s) was already the Supervisor of coal at BWL (think they needed some one young for the job). Back in 50’s and 60’s when the coal trains arrived the coal more than not was frozen in train car. As the Christmas season was such a large use of energy. My dad spent many Christmas mornings (and weeks surrounding it) at BWL defrosting coal and in those days they HAND SHOVELED it out. So that Lansing area would keep up with demand. It was one tough job in freezing weather. Always a group of men there non-stop shoveling that frozen coal. He told us kids (in our disappointment) that he had to do this and miss our Christmas because he was keeping us and kids all over Lansing warm. I would think about this every Christmas as I knew even when I was young;people did not know what a tough coal (mining) job of digging out coal was occurring so Lansing kept electricity.

  2. JoAnn Forsberg

    P.S. my dad passed away a few years ago. But his whole life was BWL. Some might still remember him: Ken Mitchell. What an era it was back in 50’s and 60’s.

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