I am a registered nurse case manager by day, and by night I love writing, reading, creating art and connecting with family and friends. With three grown children who are my loves, and three grand children who are my wee loves, life is pretty sweet. I came to nursing later in life and maybe that's why I'm more interested in end-of-life issues. All things related to death and dying and the resiliency of the human spirit are fascinating and beautiful to me. I can be reached at td0954@sbcglobal.net.

2 responses to “Losing Snoozy”

  1. Candice Wilmore

    I’ve never experienced closeness to a pet, but sure know many who have. Very real indeed. Lovely piece

  2. Diane Post

    A beloved animal is not only a pet but a member of the family. My dad still grieves (20 years later) over a black lab named Teddy. Teddy was strong willed, obnoxious and had a mind of his own but my dad loved him. Teddy knew exactly when dad was supposed to get home from work and he would sit by the door waiting for him. Dad says he still misses coming in the door and Teddy not being there for him.

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