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One response to “The Christmas Eve 1913 Massacre in Calumet, Michigan”

  1. MKH

    I used to live in Calumet, so the story is something that one hears from a young age. A slight correction to the article. It seems to me that the contention has always been that someone from the street level opened the doors and yelled fire up the stairwell.

    Also there has never been a confirmation of this, but I saw a picture that clearly shows two sets of door arms. There is one door arm at the street door and a second that is further behind the first. Why no one has analyzed this is beyond me, but I believe that a second set of doors did existed and they opened inward. Why would there be a second door arm directly behind the first set of doors if a second set of doors did not exist. That is where I believe the confusion lies.

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