Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

One response to “Tax Day Rally at the Capitol significantly smaller this year”

  1. Rosemary Horvath

    Stopped listening to Rich Michaels’ radio rants last year after he portrayed CATA as money wasted. Of course, he doesn’t have use for riding buses, so why would anyone else need it? That’s his logic. He had little knowledge of the purpose of government or purpose of a citizen’s responsibility as a stakeholder in government as he bellowed about the governor and legislature. It’s not surprising to learn now he’s a Tea Party symbol since those members don’t have a clue either. I believe Michaels reflects the Cidadel Broadcasting’s position about government in general.

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