Rebecca Payne has lived in the Lansing community since 1980. She volunteers for the Peace Education Center, Red Cedar Friends (Quaker) Meeting and other peace and justice organizations.

8 responses to “Solitary lockdown for area teen: When the crime IS the punishment”

  1. Michael Masterson

    Becky, thanks for the really well done article and hello to Red Cedar Friends.

  2. JRHowosso

    I sure would like the opportunity to see if you were of the same feeling if it were your daughter\sister\close family member, that got offed!

  3. Melissa Dey Hasbrook

    So what’s happened since then? Would love to hear if the story impacted the situation. Please give an update!

  4. redditsurfer

    so…what the hell is he accused of? this article has a blank space akin to an information black hole. in my experience, when articles elide these facts, the facts turn out to be horrible. did he slay a busload of nuns and the puppies they were bringing to a shelter?

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