2 responses to “Progress Michigan: Rick Snyder Watch”

  1. Fredrik Urshgur

    Uncle Buck only babysat 1 adolescent (as in teenager), 2 of them were 5 year old twins (or something like that). But really now, it’s silly to “judge” people by their favorite movies. After all, you’d be surprised to know the upstanding citizen who’s favorite movie is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

  2. Billy

    Give his movie tastes a break. My favorite movie although that maybe a stretch is Putney Swope. I would never get appointed to anything with that on my resume. I think it’s more important to judge Snyder on items such as his lack of support for EB for the unemployed. How can a guy who owns a 10,000 square feet house understand being laid off. If he wants to run government like a business fine-then we should ask who his customer is.

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