Clarice Thompson, born and raised in East Lansing, lived mostly in the Los Angeles area during her working years, returning to Michigan in 1996. She is delighted to be back here, where there actually are seasons. She can be reached at clarice48823 AT

4 responses to “Pepper the geriatric dog”

  1. Allan

    So Pepper discovered some happy little coyote? Getting old doesn’t sound so bad.

  2. karen Clarke

    well, clarice, my dear friend from when we worked together trying to educate teenagers in the LA “kid prison” in the desert….you always were funny, and always were a wonderful writer…..i love reading your funny essays and lansing, and the paper, not to mention Jack, are all lucky to have you. I miss y ou!

  3. karen Clarke

    (the $%$#@!&^% thing took my comment before it was finished….ok now….educating FELONIOUS teenagers at the kid prison, a nd what a funny co-incidence that i worked at our Antelope Valley Press for 8 years doing articles, essays, columns and photos before we met….shows how much we always had in common……

  4. Bob Armer

    This lady really knows how to write. She casts a spell. Loved them all.

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