Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism and experiments with citizen journalism, including co-publishing Lansing Online News with Bill Castanier. They also co-host a radio show Mondays at 7 p.m. on LCC Radio - WLNZ - 89.7.

2 responses to “Next-gen City Council candidates – pro-development/ anti-union? Is that what Lansing needs?”

  1. Sam Rose

    As someone who grew up in the southside of Lansing (the area South of Mt. Hope Rd), it really annoys to me to see that part of Lansing basically rot away while millions in investment and tax breaks are poured into the downtown every year. The longer this area of Lansing is neglected, the worse it is going to get.

  2. Sam Rose

    I agree with you about unions and growth, btw. I really don’t think it is correct to blame unions for the developer’s decision not to do what the city required him to do in order to get his tax break. The regulations could be a lot worse really. Some cities around the world require far more from developers than what was required of Gillespie.

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