Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

9 responses to “New Spartan logo sparks online outrage”

  1. Chris Singer

    Isn’t it always the case though? We’ve had Haiti stuff going on – the Supreme Court basically taking away democracy – the 5 year old girl in Napolean Comm. Schools who had her service dog banned from school – that idiot running for Secretary of State vowing to target transgender people – should I go on?

    Nevertheless, the logo sucks — and they didn’t even use a local design firm (according to @GoodFruitVideo.

  2. Neal McNamara

    I think some of the uproar comes from all the money students/alumni have sunk into buying Spartan apparel. What are they going to do with an outdated Spartan windbreaker and matching sweatpants? What will they wear to class?

  3. Angela Vasquez-Giroux

    It’s fine, no better or worse than the old. It looks more streamlined and modern, and will probably look better on a helmet.

    Really, the logo has been tweaked, nothing more. This isn’t like the time the Pistons switched the team colors to Raspberry and Blue Razberry, or when the Tigers added that awful Tiger-crawling-out-of-the-Old-English-D to their uniforms, etc.

    And this one is actually a slight improvement.

  4. Ben Hassenger

    It looks meaner to me… and isn’t that what sports teams try to convey? Their ferocity? It really isn’t THAT different to me. People should save their fury for stuff like this:

  5. Justin Lippi

    Maybe the logo represents all the changes that are happening to the university, and students are opposed to them but feel powerless to do anything about them, so they are letting out their energy on a symbol instead. Sounds to me like good evidence that if tapped correctly, the student body can be a big impetus for higher ed funding.

  6. Adam

    Look everyone, I understand that we’re frustrated with the world at large, but let’s not just sit here and say, “oh my god, all these people are upset about a stupid helmet while there’s so many other problems!” I understand that it’s easy to get upset about that, but jeez.

    The old helmet is just that, old. Old, to me, means tradition, and that’s important. The new logo is bad, simply put.

    If we want to use this of an example of how America’s youth care more about the problems of the world, that’s fine. What, may I ask, have all of YOU done to stop these problems, instead of sit on a forum and type about how sad it is that other people don’t care.

    Come on people, relax…

  7. Rico Thomas Rico

    I’d like to point out that both MSU logos look ugly.

    This is just a petty distraction. (A smart move by the MSU admistration?) There are much more bigger campus-related issues to protest.

  8. Si Ferrel

    I prefer the old logo, but don’t think it is really that huge a deal. I do find it sad that the author comments on a facebook poster spelling poorly and suggesting this individual focus more on academics and then follows it up with this nonsensical sentence.
    “One of the more prominent posters on Just Don’t – No new Nike-influenced Spartan helmet was a Detroit News reporter trolls for students willing to be in an article because this is big news.”

  9. Diana

    I prefer the one on the left (the old one) one million times. It has more detail and it shows thought. The one on the right looks unfinished.

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