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2 responses to “My Veteran’s Day wish”

  1. Linda

    Great article..thank you.

  2. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    Wonderful piece. I come from a long line of draft-dodgers and pacifists. Though I can credit war with my very existence, since I am the product of my father’s effort to avoid service in WWII by getting married (imagine how unhappy he was to find that he was classified 4F anyhow). My family always doubted the wisdom of armed conflict as a solution to anything. And I worry that the unrelenting glorification of military service masks the grim reality that it is less about nobility of purpose and more about protecting a system that keeps wealth and power in the hands of those who already have it.

    I remember when the Swedish actress Liv Ullman was asked about the role of women during wartime (she once held the same position with the UN that Angelina Jolie does now). Her answer that women did the suffering. I would have thought humans would be smarter by now. There are better ways to resolve conflicts.

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