Bonnie Bucqueroux retired from Michigan State University's School of Journalism to experiment with online publications, including Lansing Online News. She is also co-president (with Susan Masten) of Lansing Area NOW.

2 responses to “My (limited) view of Silver Bells in the City”

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  2. Melissa Quon Huber, Ph.D.

    Ah, yes! We’ve learned the hard way that you need to get there early or forget watching the parade.

    I keep saying it is time for us to either expand the route or get bleacher seating along the route.

    I was prepared to bring a ladder along this year (like I watched clever folks do to watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena on the crowded sidewalks) so the kids could watch…but we got there early enough for a view this year thanks to my dear husband reserving some spots for us. 🙂

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