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4 responses to “Michigan’s Abortion Super Bill rockets through the House”

  1. Susan

    I really hope that there’s a protest being organized for Tuesday the 12th. I’ve already got signs made I love to put to use! This is completely horrendous.. I can’t believe our politicians are this DUMB! What happened to government doing good things and trying to improve our lives.. instead they’re focusing on issues of a religious agenda that DON’T MATTER!

  2. Sarah

    I had not been in that part of Lansing since a fourth grade trip to the capitol, needless to say I was sorely disappointed by the complete lack of democracy. Thursday’s meeting robbed me of my apparently juvenile optimism that at heart all politicians really want to be fair, decent, and civil people.

  3. Links to information on the Michigan Abortion Super Bill | Lansing Area NOW
  4. Jeff Liebmann

    Hello. I just wanted to clarify that my name is Rev. Jeff Liebmann, and I was the third speaker opposed to the proposed legislation. I serve the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Midland.


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