MI-LOCALVORE DAY 7: Brews & Lessons

Michigan State University Journalism Major Emily Lawler, editor emeritus of the online magazine The Big Green, loves Michigan, and she loves the idea of eating local food. So Emily has challenged herself to spend an entire week eating only those foods that come from Michigan. And she promises to document her experiences with a new video each day day (which we promise to share).

One response to “MI-LOCALVORE DAY 7: Brews & Lessons”

  1. pamela

    hi emily! we met at the slow food potluck. i was the one with the baby who would only eat cake.

    so happy to have met you through your gastro-michigan journey! we have really enjoyed watching your week unfold, and are so glad that your challenge has generated such a buzz around town.

    cheers! and happy eating!

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