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8 responses to “Matchbook Memories: Share your stories of late, lamented area eateries”

  1. Kim

    Bagel Haul! I miss the REAL bagels from there…everything else is a white bread squishy substitute.

  2. Doug

    In the final days of the Roosevelt Hotel on Seymour north of the Capitol, there was a wonderful restaurant inside. It had a legendary salad with dressing to die for. Sadly it died several years before the hotel was renovated to become the House of Representatives Office Building. Now that’s gone and a new parking garage is sitting there.

  3. Alex

    More than a decade later I still miss Bilbo’s in East Lansing. Their pizza was inimitable, the staff were always the most interesting tattooed and pierced people, the atmosphere was smoky yet appropriate, and there was an arcade in the back. RIP my pizza-making Hobbit.

  4. Steve

    I took my date (now my wife, and married 34 years!) to Long’s on South Cedar for dinner after the prom in our junior year of high school. The cheapest thing on the menu — which, or course, I ordered — was a Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce for (I think) $3.99. I believe Long’s was in the room that is now the (closed) L.A. Globe.

  5. Marie Ohm

    I have a collection of old Lansing matchbooks. Foo Ying, Machus Red Fox, Mountain Jacks, Sayfee’s East, Bar-K-Ranch, and Grant’s “Bradford House”Coffee Shop. You won’t find one from Small Planet! They had a sign up that said “Anyone Caught Smoking Will Be Pummeled With An Organic Carrot”

  6. Robert K. Swarthout

    I got a degree in architecture at the University of Detroit. Then I went to work for Gerald Luedtke and Associates, a small city planning consulting firm in Detroit. In 1971 or ’72 one of my first jobs was to work with my boss in preparing a comprehensive plan for Delta Township. After each visit to Delta Township we ate at the Machus Red Fox. There was a great roast beef and a wonderful backed potato. For the potato the waiter always said “We recommend all three;” namely the sour cream, chives and bacon bits. We did.
    I gave up smoking a long time ago, but Benson & Hedges seemed to be sophisticated back then.

    Then many years later I recommended the Machus in Bloomfield Township when my wife and her sister were going to lunch. They were there that faithful day know to all. Is the Machus in Bloomfield Township still in business?


  7. Tom Nakfoor

    Have you ever found egg rolls or Moo Go Gia Pan as as good as Foo Ying ever since. I have searched and not found anything that is as good. Anyone ever found anything that compares?

  8. Jeannine

    Interesting you mentioned Foo Ying. My brother, sister and I were just talking about it the ofher day. Great food, private tables in rooms where doors were opened and closed to serve you. You had to walk upstairs to get to the most delicious Chinese food ever. I wasn’t even a teenager then, but I remember it clearly. The Green Lantern in Bradenton, Florida came close, however I don’t know if it’s open anymore.

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