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    Haughewoet and Sons Grocery, 213 Turner Street, 1888: my great-grandmother made a scrapbook and dated it, thank goodness, to 1888. There’s an advertisement/postcard which seems to read Haughewoet and Sons Groceries and Crockery, address 213 Turner Street, Lansing, Michigan. I’m trying to figure out where that addess was/is compared to Old Town now. Maybe the street numbers were re-configured. Do you have any information on this sort of thing? You can see it, I posted it, and some other beautiful pages, on flickr.com and I am rockwell2225. My great-greatgrandfather, Charles Martin Rockwell was one of the pioneers of Olive Township, Clinton County, in the 1860’s
    …I’m also trying to figure out where Langer Hospital was in 1926 Lansing. My grandfather, on the Courtland side, was treated there, or died there. Do you have any idea how I can trace that? The building was still there when I was a child, around 1960, I remember it as a big, old mansion.
    …don’t know if you’ll get this message, but hope to hear from you, it would be great.


    Thank you so much! I appreciate this info greatly. I think the history of Lansing is quite interesting. I’ve been talking to some people on facebook ‘I grew up in Lansing,’ making some new friends there. They tried to research this for me. I just now looked at your message, sorry it took me so long. You can look at my photo’s if you want to go to flickr.com, I am Rockwell2225 on there. You’ll like it.


    And what a co-incidence. My great grandmother on my mother’s side saved this postcard ad, with beautiful flowers on it, for Haughawout Grocers, which you say is a few blocks from where my grandfather on my father’s side passed away. Small world. Thanks again so much 🙂

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