Lansing Activists Protest Arizona Copycat Legislation

Lansing activists joined the National Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism yesterday, August 2, 2010, by protesting and picketing in front of the State Capitol Building.  The approximately 50 area activists were joined by 2 gun-toting men who claimed to be 2nd Amendment Rights advocates who “happened” to be in the area.  The two men carried handguns openly on their belts and also at one point flashed a shotgun in the back of their nearby pickup truck.  Protesters refused to be intimidated and continued with the protest.

The protest was organized by the NorthStar Center and the Xicano Development Center in Lansing.  The group expressed opposition to the Arizona’s SB 1070, the anti-immigrant law that has spurred nationwide controversy.  Everyone at the protest — with the possible exception of the pistol packers — opposed copycat legislation that has been introduced in the Michigan legislature.  In the video below, Melissa Hornaday of the NorthStar Center makes a statement regarding the National Day of Action and the local protest. (I also made a statement on behalf of the Peace Education Center.)  Pictures of the event from the Peace Education Center can be viewed here.

Tom Rico blogs under the name "Rico Thomas Rico" and he is that rare combination of blogger, activist, hockey player, and ailurophile. He hails originally from Saginaw, Michigan USA and currently works out of Lansing. Tom is the current co-chair of the Peace Education Center of Greater Lansing and is active with Mid-Michigan Democracy for America (MMDFA).

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