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3 responses to “I will never be Matt Taibbi until my house is clean”

  1. Candice Wilmore

    Although we disagree on some points about the “Rally” I like your piece here.

    I just don’t think Stewart IS is attempting to be much more than “can’t we get along,” so I don’t feel inclined to be disappointed. As Arianna Huffington said about him:

    “What makes him and Colbert special is the fact that they use satire to speak truth to power, whether that power is liberal, conservative, in the media, in politics. That’s where their power comes from. And people who continue to see it as a sort of left-leaning show are completely missing its appeal.”

  2. Therese Dawe

    I think Hunter S. Thomson spent most Saturday nights smoking weed and living out his LSD soaked fantasies. His run-on sentences and stream-of-thought style seemed to have everyone thinking he was a genius. I think he just said a lot of what everyone else was thinking, and it was radical at the time. His imagination created a persona that seemed larger than life, and maybe it was all true, but I never got it. Jon Stewart disguises his wisdom in the “Gosh I’m just a comedian” cloak, but his passion for the truth and his use of the media is what makes him so compelling. He speaks truth to power and does it in a way that isn’t offensive, that’s genius. Rick Snyder, if he gets in, will find out soon enough that running a company and running a state are worlds apart. He better get a helmet.

  3. Fredrik Urshgur

    Who cares what Stewart said at the rally? The Spectacle’s the thing! How could anything coherent come out of a parody of the funhouse mirror viewpoints that dominate US politics? You act as if facts actually matter. Like the fact that voters outraged over $trillions$ given over to Wall Street in bailouts just voted to massively expand Wall Street’s political Influence? Or that voters furious about Federal deficits voted for the party that more than doubled the deficit under Cheney/Bush, and launched two world wars that have sentenced the domestic federal budget to eternal debt peonage?

    Or that Democrats still think all they have to do is tell “the truth” and the people will come around, as they give over economic control of the country to the same Wall Street ciphers (Summers, Geithner, et al) as the last bunch? Democrats are delusional liars. Sad to say, voters prefer their liars without pretense, thus the success of Republicans that just make up their own facts. And they hate many of the same people as a large proportion of voters – bonus! The Democrats might as well come out against puppies and mothers’ milk, they couldn’t do any worse.

    And Stewart? When our nation turns its lonely eyes to a fucking comedy network, we might as well wait for Joe Dimaggio. The noise from the echo chambers of people’s MyFace social networks has become the replacement for the sound of feet pounding pavement and the other sounds of people organizing to fight power (instead of speaking to it). So an amorphous message from a comedian from a fake news show who organized a big political rally about sanity in politics? That sounds about perfect to me.

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