Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism and experiments with citizen journalism, including co-publishing Lansing Online News with Bill Castanier. They also co-host a radio show Mondays at 7 p.m. on LCC Radio - WLNZ - 89.7.

2 responses to “How can the media and government let themselves be held hostage by religious doofuses?”

  1. candice wilmore

    Hilarious piece BB, though a serious topic indeed. I’m always drawn back to Mel Brooks whose “Springtime for Hitler” reminds me to try, as often as possible, to simply mock these kinds of human beings…or whatever they are.

    Here’s a fantastic spoof about the hell-raisin’ pastor:

  2. Candice Wilmore

    Great points in this piece about the coverage of this:

    “As the president took to national television to worry about Jones posing a clear and present danger to national security, he didn’t mention — nor did almost anyone else — that America’s continued military occupation of two Islamic countries might endanger national security in a much bigger way.

    And, of course, as pundits and their couch-potato sycophants lit up cable TV and talk radio with arguments about Jones potentially inciting a terrorist blowback against U.S. troops, few bothered noting that the killing of between 600,000 and 1 million Iraqi civilians in our war has probably done far more to prompt such a blowback.

    No, we are too mesmerized by the synthetic novelty — too entranced, in this case, by the handlebar mustache and the camera-friendly promise of book burning. We don’t think to ask uncomfortable questions nor do we strive for enlightened perspective. We instead tell ourselves that by joining the cartoonish pseudo-events, we will magically defuse pressing crises — even as our participation in those pseudo-events allows those crises to fester.”

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