Clarice Thompson, born and raised in East Lansing, lived mostly in the Los Angeles area during her working years, returning to Michigan in 1996. She is delighted to be back here, where there actually are seasons. She can be reached at clarice48823 AT

4 responses to “Curb Feelers: Gone and forgotten”

  1. Andy Armer

    Great story ! I had forgotten all about curb feelers. . . But not the orange Union 76 styrofoam balls! There was a time when me and my friends valued those more than money itself. I even heard “rumors” of kids riding their bikes around and taking them off other people’s cars. The shame!

  2. kathy Swearingen

    Clarice, so great to see your writing in print again!

  3. Laurie armer and kate

    Hi Clarice! Sitting at lunch with my mom, we read your article together! Great memories and beautifully written!! My mom and I send our love! Laurie and Katie xxx

  4. David Rumohr

    Hi, Clarice. A charming story, full of nostalgia, especially for those who remember curb feelers. As I recall, they were meant to keep us from scraping fenders and whitewall tires on the curb when parking. Not that you ever needed them!


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