Bonnie Bucqueroux teaches at Michigan State University's School of Journalism. A National Magazine Award winner, Bucqueroux built her first website in 1996. She is credited with having the first campaign blog of any candidate running for federal office when she ran for Congress as the Green Party candidate for District 8 in 2000. She and Susan Masten were also recently named co-presidents of Lansing Area NOW.

9 responses to “CPS takes baby Bree away”

  1. Therese

    Oh my God Bonnie. You are documenting this horrific misuse of power and I applaud you. Where in the hell is the rest of the media? How is this getting swept aside like this? I found this video so disturbing and yet we all need to face this and see it because this is NOT what we as a state voted for. This appears to be a witch hunt and it is not clear to me why no one can stand up against this with any authority. Taking a baby who is nursing away for its mother is damaging beyond belief and it’s hard to fathom who is able to review these facts and find justice. Please keep your cameras rolling Bonnie, it’s so hard to see, but it must not be kept in the shadows.

  2. Sharrise

    Thank you for covering this! What a travesty of justice!

  3. Jill Strait

    Thank you for documenting this horrific misuse of power. I sincerely hope baby Bree is returned to her mother soon. We voted in to allow Medical Marijuana in this State; why are we now hounding those using it within the law? This does smell exactly like a witch hunt!

  4. Silver Wolf

    November, 2014, vote all republicans out of office. Only then will this end.

  5. Bonnie Bucqueroux Series | Free Bree
  6. Annie D

    I was horrified to watch this, I can not believe that this is allowed to happen. Shame on the people who were so corrupt that they let this beautiful child to be taken from her parents. Please fight and get her back and be the corner stone to changing such a ridiculous injustice, all my prayers to your family

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  8. angela

    Please take a moment to read.puremadangel’s Blog
    The daily dose of abuse inflicked upon me ,when treated guilty until I prove otherwise in a court, who claims to understand the burdens that may be imposed on me ,while waiting patiently for them to slowly follow their procedures and protocols.
    All the while separated and alienated from my children at every turn and being told this would move so much more quickly if i take responsibility for the false allegations assumed about me.
    Having the Da and children’s lawyers yelling at me and dangling settlements of trickling/diminishing allegation before me ,in a hope of manipulating me into co-hours ed confessions ,With false hopes of quickening the return of my children is causing a mental burden upon me that can not be measured.
    I am a prisoner in my own home,not allowing me to be with my family and serving a sentence of slavery to the whims of a society proved to be riddled with more corruption than anyone has ever seen.
    I ask you Does this hold a glimmer of truth and justice .
    Where are the inherit rights that I’ve been told belong to me.
    And what of the justice we as a society demand be given to the innocent and abused.
    To jail the perpetrators and predators inflicting burdens upon the weakest of our state our children.
    (And I mean mankind’s children, they do not belong to the government) why are these imposing predators not brought to justice, rather given immunity and a privilege of secrecy to further indulge in their criminal activities.
    Again I ask you where is the justice, where is the accountability .
    These are our children why aren’t there more boundaries in place to safe guard and better protect our most valuable,cherished,and vulnerable of society.
    Our children.

    I hope I’ve gotten at least a whim of your attention.
    Because now I wish to share with you why this was written.
    Children world wide are being removed from good homes , abused by cps and then placed with bad parents.
    This is a travesty that should not be ignored.
    Thousand upon thousand have gathered together in an effort to wake up the world to this brutality and bullying by the courts and cps.
    It’s easy to find the proof. We all hold pieces of the puzzle that could shed some light.
    There are many story’s of family’s torn apart, including mine.
    Please read my petition. I have the evidence to prove my statements.
    Even if we can not take down this corrupt system isn’t it worth trying to save a few hundred children here in our own state.

    “The lack of careful consideration when placing children with their drug addict father after court ordered their return home.”

    I am madangel@Facebook….

    If you like read Through my page, look at all the others gathered there.

    If you can not help us who will.

    Our children do not care of color creed , sex or race, when asking to be saved from the abuse that they face.
    All they want is to be heard, this progress should not be hindered on the absurd.
    I don’t have to believe in your preference or faith when standing together to save the children of mankind’s race.
    I must remember who is truly suffering the most here. The children stolen, lost, kidnapped abused or disappeared.
    If ever there was a cause more righteous and true , saving the worlds children is what we all need to do

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    […] parents significantly outweighed a couple of pesky neighbors’ and soon, a small campaign “Free Baby Bree” was born. The campaign exploded on Facebook, Planet Green Trees Radio and at various rallies […]

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