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4 responses to “Coach Izzo: When Nike pays you to “Just do it””

  1. Joe Mescher

    Good Intentions…Bad Execution.

    I don’t believe that Tom Izzo is consciously defending Nike in order to save himself $325,000 per year (not when Coach is already a millionaire many times over).

    However, I do believe Izzo should have disclosed his financial stake before chastising the fans who are starting their own ‘blue-collar’ or ‘grass-roots’ opposition to the logo redesign. Perhaps what Coach doesn’t grasp is that as Spartans we take immense pride in our logo and bristle at the notion that some team of Nike marketers looking for something to do produced such a half-baked product to represent our brand.

    Hopefully Mark Hollis and the rest of the powers that be at MSU recognize the need to crowdsource such important decisions — which directly impact MSU ‘Brand Ambassadors’ (also called ‘fans’) — in the future.

    I enjoyed reading your post Bill. Go Green!

    Joe Mescher
    Michigan State University, Class of 2004
    Eli Broad College of Business, Marketing Major

  2. Erin E. Slayter

    Great post Bill! I also agree with the previous comments concerning crowdsourcing! Even if MSU’s marketing team didn’t do any test-marketing, it’s really difficult to believe that a marketing giant like Nike would not.

  3. Rick Haglund

    Well said, Bill. Izzo is a great coach and a wonderful ambassador for the university. But the amount of money he and his program get from Nike (and he’s far from alone in the college coaching ranks) can’t help but color his opinion on this issue.

  4. Patrick Reed

    Love it ! Hate It !!! Who Cares ? Whatever your opinion, check out the Facebook Page,
    ” The Old Spartan Logo ” Tons of opinions,suggestions and observations.
    While on this page, check out , A Graphic Artist Point of View , in Discussions.
    Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Marketers and Public Relations people, voice your professional opinion in this format. Constructive Criticism may be helpful to MSU as they deal with this Public Relations and Marketing Train Wreck. Peace.

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