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2 responses to “Cleaning unearths wisdom from Jim Harrison”

  1. Addiann Hinds

    Thanks for this piece and the letter from Harrison. I’m a big fan of his. A.

  2. Taylor Reid

    Absolutely beautiful!

    I’m a big fan and, having just turned 40, here is a poem of his that spoke to me:


    The moon comes up.
    The moon goes down.
    This is to inform you
    that I didn’t die young.
    Age swept past me
    but I caught up.
    Spring has begun here and each day
    brings new birds up from Mexico.
    Yesterday I got a call from the outside
    world but I said no in thunder.
    I was a dog on a short chain
    and now there’s no chain.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of the letter.

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