Bonnie B’s Blog: Where’s (Mr. Populist) Virg?

Where's Waldo - I mean, Virg?

Where's Waldo - I mean, Virg?

First, our own Chris Singer reported that incumbent Mayor Virg Bernero never showed up for the mayoral candidate forum in early October hosted by the Clifford Park Neighborhood Association. Now the candidate debate on WLNS-TV 6 scheduled for tonight is off. Our own Wes Thorp reports that the mayor’s assistant Randy Hannan said that the station canceled the event when the two campaigns could not agree on terms. As Amy and Seth often say on Saturday Night Live — really?

It’s beginning to look like Mayor Bernero thinks his re-election is in the bag. (And maybe the election is already over, since absentee ballots went out so early this year.) Maybe his polls show that he doesn’t need to engage his opponents and critics.

But what happened to Virg the Populist? Earlier this year, when the national networks came calling, he was all over the cable news shows, portraying himself as a champion of the underdog. Now he can’t find time to answer a few questions?

Where did the Virg in this video go? Or was that an acting job, like Balloon Boy’s dad, just to get some “reality show” airtime on CNN and Fox?

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