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One response to “A Tale of Two Daddys”

  1. Joie

    Thank you so much for your piece on juvenile Lowp in America. My great- nephew is Dontez Tillman the young man in your piece, and I am daily sadden for his situation. There is a website “Justice for and Congressman John Conyers is trying to envoke legistation in this matter. The judicial system is an arena where the legal teams went to school for years and years and then you get someone like my nephew and others who haven’t a clue… the odds are stacked against them. I look back at things I did when I was 15,16 etc. and wonder what was I thinking. For him to face the only way he will be released is feet first is a hard, burden to bear. Why society is idly standing and sitting by is a mystery to me. Just like the gentleman in your article my nephew was offer a plea and he turned it down saying that would be saying he was guilty. I hope to hear from you and maybe a voice will be heard and things will change. There is also a petion ,I will get you the nformation at a later date.

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