Clarice Thompson, born and raised in East Lansing, lived mostly in the Los Angeles area during her working years, returning to Michigan in 1996. She is delighted to be back here, where there actually are seasons. She can be reached at clarice48823 AT

5 responses to “Life & Other Problems: A Midwest Woman”

  1. Ruth McNally Barshaw

    I love this fascinating look into how you view the world, Clarice. I suspect you’re creating a greater legacy than you think.

  2. Bonnie Bucqueroux

    Urge Clarice to collect these into an ebook. She is so good.

  3. Allan Hoffer

    It’s anthology time, Aunt Clarice. People are clammering! Besides, you want us to smile and be beautiful, right?

  4. Andy Armer

    Nice article . . .

  5. Lois Wiese

    How very appropriate and yes, I can see those days of our youth when we were concerned about hair (& some days, still are), and relate to all the other wisdoms you so beautifully describe. Thank-you for making my day–again. I agree with Bonnie above.

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