2 responses to “Progress Michigan: Why feminists aren’t rooting for Bristol”

  1. Rice Cambell

    WOW – do I detect anger in your words??? Too bad you feel that way. I just hope you don’t pass on your sour outlook on life to your child. What a pity!

    You need major help!


  2. Angela Vasquez-Giroux


    Thanks for your thoughtful, well-reasoned, insightful comment. I’m glad to see you’ve really examined the issue — that is, what kind of example Bristol Palin sets for young women facing an unexpected pregnancy, and the obvious hypocrisy of her stances on birth control and choice.

    Hopefully you’ll spend the same amount of time rooting for real single mothers to succeed by spending time with them via a church outreach program, or donating baby items to women’s centers, or the like.

    And you’re right, single mothers do need a lot of help. Not every single mother (in fact, almost no single mother) will walk into a family of such means as the Palins, or into a payday like “Dancing.”

    Have an excellent day!

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