One response to “Progress Michigan: Snyder avoids pushing for unemployment extension in D.C.”

  1. Karrie

    Dislike ~ Do what is right –
    stop hoping for the trickle-down effect which never makes its way into the pot-hole in the road but merely is squandered into puddles at the doorsteps of banks and enormous multi-million dollar causes that have nearly no impact on the people who are so deeply affected by the employment travesties of late ~ But I suppose a lot of republicans consider cutting unemployment benefits as cutting back some “pork” – however, I am a soul – I am a being – Governments need to protect their people – not just their businesses – which I might add that most of the grand spectrum of cuts that COULD happen often are entangled with the very people who make the laws and implement them – The people without the power – what happens to them? We are just baby pigs laying in the pen – waiting for our heads to get chopped off and then “they’ can feast upon us – More for them – Less for us – until.. we just don’t exist anymore Thankyou Mister Snyder… Step into My shoes for a day… Feel my pain…

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