Is new Lansing (MI) City Market an improvement?

Scott Keith, LEPFA head, describes city market changes.

Scott Keith, LEPFA head, describes city market changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Scroll to the end of this post to view a short video clip showing the new market.

I’m glad that I accepted the invitation to tour the new Lansing (MI) City Market still under construction and which is supposed to open on Dec. 1.   It’s design, development, conception and birth has been tortuous for our city.

There was plenty of snorting back and forth between the Lansing City Council and Mayor Virg Bernero who advocated for the change as part of a much larger development project on the riverfront downtown.

Then construction of the new market started and many were started to see what resembled a big pole barn.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott Keith, interim president and CEO of the Lansing Entertainment & Public Facilities Authority, along with Mayor Bernero and approximately 15 others toured the market development.

Keith presented the vision for the finished market by using the almost closed-in construction site as a backdrop.  John Hooper, market manager, said market vendor space has already been committed.  There’s talk of a restaurant in the market, events being held there, wi-fi service being available and about the large new patio as a place to sit and enjoy the view.

This new building is a scaled back version of what had been described to the city council and to the rest of the city.  This Lansing State Journal story describes the changes.

Share your opinion: Is the new city market an improvement to downtown?  Do you see yourself going there to check out the produce and other offerings?  Where do you get your produce now?  Meijers?  Horrocks?  City Market?

Wes Thorp, an experienced blogger, blog coach and student of social media, is a former newspaper reporter and a retired staffer from the Michigan Legislature. He has served as the manager of the State Capitol press corps from the 1970s to the 90s where he was a conduit between the news media and the legislature, the executive branch and interest groups. He also worked for newspapers in Illinois and Michigan after graduating from the Michigan State University School of Journalism where he was a part-time adjunct instructor teaching basic newswriting.

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  2. Amanda Snook

    Posted to City Market site.

  3. Loretta S. Stanaway

    This is a travesty: not at all what the public was told they were getting for their trading out of the historic old location. This is a Bernero BOOBOO. We lose a visible site and historic structure and gain a hidden site that looks like a pole barn and has absolutely no resemblence to any farmers or city market I have ever seen. It is designed to fail so Gillespie can then take it over and “take it off of the city’s hands” when it becomes insolvent due to the horrific planning perpetrated on the public by Bernero’s administration. Parks millage money being misused yet again; dedicated park land on the VIRG of being lost entirely to private development.

  4. Chris Singer

    I think I heard another moo. Seriously, it’s a pole barn. I used to be good with Legos as a kid, maybe I can design something better.

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