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7 responses to “Is it too much for Lansing politicians to tell the truth?”

  1. Joe

    I hear ya, but things are pretty crazy right now for a lot of people. She’s got a nice family, good kids, and is trying to do something good for the city. Maybe she’ll be able to pay the bills now that the city is paying her the big bucks for being on city council. Just kidding.

    Let’s be a little more open-minded and forgiving when it comes to things like this happening to non-career politicians. She’s no Ted Stevens or Chris Dodd… She’s our neighbor.

  2. SusanRoseBud

    She should resign before taking office; she chose how to spend money instead of paying taxes: travel, family vacations with the Bernero family, kids sporting activities, etc. She wasn’t “struggling” she was “juggling” and dropped the tax ball.

  3. Chris Singer

    This is an outstanding article. Thanks for writing it. I think folks should have been informed about this during the election season. Unfortunately, it didn’t get out there. Not that Ms. Houghton doesn’t deserve to be 2nd Ward council member, in fact, although I am a big fan of Sandy Allen, I think it’s very cool for Lansing to have four young working moms on City Council (Kathie Dunbar, Jessica Yorko, A’Lynn Robinson, and Tina). However, I think all of 2nd Ward needed to be informed of this. It could have affected many people’s voting choice.

    I understand Joe’s comment above as well, but I have a different take. We might not have a council full of career politicians but I don’t think that’s a reason to ask for anything less in our leaders. In fact, that kind of thinking might be part of Lansing’s problem. Politics in Lansing shouldn’t be looked at as amateur hour and Lansing’s citizens shouldn’t look the other way just because a council member is or isn’t a career politician.

  4. Joe Sixpack

    How is the mayor responsible for her actions or lack thereof? That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it? Sounds to me this is more of a case of the media dropping the ball and looking for someone to blame.

  5. Red Henny

    Hold on folks. Tina has not been sworn in as a city council person yet. Back in the 90’s Belinda Fitzpatrick tried to get her name on the ballot to run as a first ward candidate against Harold Leeman. She was denied even to have her name on the ballot because she owed back taxes. You must understand that if you don’t pay your city taxes on time , they are turned over to the county to be collected. Belinda said she did not owe the city, but owed the county so she could not being in default to the city…Judge Carolyn Stell ruled against her. ..End of story. The difference is that Belinda told the truth and Tina lied . Tina made a bad choice, and if she is allowed to be on council, she has already branded herself as a first class liar.

  6. SoSaidMe

    Tina should never have been seated on the Park Board as she was in default to the city in Nov. 2007 when she was appointed by Bernero. Not much new in Bernero’s crooked game plan; just repeats of earlier illegal moves.

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